Psychotherapy is more in depth than Counselling. It deals with deeper problems or issues that you are finding difficult. These may have originated in childhood. Often the  difficulties someone is experiencing have become ingrained over the years and it can be hard to work out what exactly is causing your emotional pain and how to move forward in your life and free yourself up from the impact it is having on you.

Some of the issues you’re finding difficult could also be beneath your conscious awareness.  Psychotherapy involves safely and skilfully bringing them into your awareness so that you can deal with them and prevent them from tripping you up in your day-to-day life. Over time you come to terms with what has caused disturbance for you and this leads to you freeing yourself up to achieve your full potential and live the kind of life you want to live.

It can really help to work with a skilled professional in order to work through and resolve the more difficult problems in your life.

Some problems that would benefit from Psychotherapy include:

  • Childhood abuse (emotional, physical or sexual)
  • Depression that is ongoing and deep rooted
  • Anxiety that is causing ongoing difficulties in your life
  • Lack of self worth and low self esteem
  • A sense of emptiness, meaninglessness or hopelessness
  • A sense of generalised fearfulness and dread
  • Feeling stuck or trapped, without knowing why
  • Trauma that is not easing or lifting over time
  • Grief and loss that is not easing after a number of years
  • Multiple Relationship difficulties
  • Bullying in a relationship or work setting
  • Suicidal thoughts or feelings

If you decide that you would like to come for Psychotherapy, we will explore your difficulties in an introductory session. We will discuss together what  needs to be explored and worked on.  I will also give you information about my approach to psychotherapy and which form of therapy might be most useful for your particular problems. We will also discuss any questions you might have about Psychotherapy.