Wexford  Counselling and Psychotherapy

My name is Fiodhna Callanan.  I’m a Counsellor, Psychotherapist and Supervisor based near Enniscorthy in County Wexford.

I help people deal with problems and difficulties that have arisen in their lives. My ultimate goal is to facilitate clients in transforming their lives so they can gain the freedom to be the person they truly are.

Sometimes it can feel a bit daunting to think about going for Counselling. You’re not sure what to expect. What if the Counsellor doesn’t understand me? What if she judges me? What if I clam up and can’t think of what to say? I could feel awkward and embarrassed. All of these kinds of questions and fears are perfectly normal to have when you’re considering going for Counselling. You’re thinking about talking to someone you don’t know yet and that’s bound to create some uncertainty.

It’s a good idea to phone the counsellor you’re thinking of going to because that will give you a good sense of what they’re like as a person.  Ask them questions so you can figure out whether they sound like the kind of person you can work with. You can also find out whether they have the right skills and knowledge to help you with whatever is troubling you. I welcome phone calls to discuss counselling. 

Life has so many ups and downs. It can be hard to decide whether the problem you have will be solved by talking to your friends or family. How do you know if you would benefit from talking to a professional? Usually people who come for counselling have thought long and hard about whether it’s going to be useful to them. Often they are feeling considerable emotional pain and that’s what makes them make the call.

It’s absolutely fine to be ambivalent about starting Counselling. If you’ve never been before then you don’t know what it’s like till you get there so you will be feeling a bit nervous initially. This usually eases when you’ve met your Counsellor and begun your first session. I am committed to offering everyone who comes to see me a deep level of respect and understanding so that they can feel at ease and relaxed about discussing whatever has brought them to Counselling.

You can find out more about Counselling and Psychotherapy and the difference between the two on the links at the bottom of this page.

My Experience as a Counsellor

I have worked as a Counsellor and Psychotherapist for over twenty three years. I’m from Dublin originally but moved to Wexford thirteen years ago. I’ve worked with the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, The Gary Kelly Cancer Support Centre and the Hope Cancer Support Centre. I had a Private Practice in Dublin for many years before moving to Wexford.  I have worked with many clients over the years. They wanted help with a wide range of problems, including trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, low self-esteem, health issues, grief and many more.

I value the dignity of people and their right to be the person that they were born to be. I focus on creating a safe, confidential, non judgemental space where each person can be themselves and know that they are valued and respected for who they are.

My practice is based in Kiltealy, County Wexford. It’s is within driving distance of Wexford town, Enniscorthy, New Ross, Bunclody, Kilkenny and Carlow. I work from a Garden-room which has beautiful views over the Blackstairs Mountains. If you think you might like to work with me give me a call or send me an email.